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Air Cooler
Being a pioneer in product innovation, Havells has once again brought in a unique range of smart coolers with Breatheezee Technology TM. Unlike the traditional coolers that work on natural evaporative cooling theory, Havells air coolers – with Breatheezee Technology TM – feature dust filters on three sides and completely collapsible louvers on the front to prevent dust from entering the cooler. The specially processed anti-bacterial, anti-erosion and anti-deformation honeycomb pads have good hydrophilic properties to absorb remaining dust particles and cleanse air thoroughly. Havells air coolers have distinctive features like covered water tank to prevent mosquito breeding, auto drain for easy drainage of water, humidity regulator to regulate water flow on pads, temperature display and much more. Their compact design and air purification system further add to their finesse, making these air coolers a priced possession during summers. All in all, loaded with excellent features, Havells air coolers are unbeatable when it comes to best-in-class features, safety, portability and convenience. Experience cleaner, healthier and breathable air with the range of Havells air coolers!

Desert Cooler

Portable, convenient and energy efficient with fast cooling, the desert cooler range provides ample cooling for large areas.

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Personal Cooler

Innovative personal air cooler range provides effective cooling and prevents the spread of bacteria while humidifying and purifying the air.

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Window Cooler

Equipped with high-performance features and durable structure, the window coolers come with efficient functionality and custom cooling.

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Tower Cooler

The Tower cooler comes with powerful blower fan with 3 speed settings, low water alarm also inverter compatible.

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